Scoreholio is a computer application software for managing the game of Cornhole. It is free for basic use with subscription options for more professional use. It is available on the website. Registration as a player is completely FREE.

The Scoreholio application is used in all official competitions under the auspices of the European Cornhole Association (EChA).

Every competitor participating in competitions under the auspices of the EChA is encouraged to register their own player profile in advance (this can also be done at the competition venue). To register, simply install the SCOREHOLIO application from the Google Play store, which is free, and register in the application according to the instructions (see below).

Any further registration is then no longer necessary. Only a QR code is sufficient (every registered competitor in this application receives it automatically), which the player shows to the organizer upon registration - arrival at the competition.

The application enables the registered player:

  • to register with ease and clarity at any competition with their QR code,
  • to review the competition schedule and follow all games from the convenience of their own phone.
  • to receive notifications regarding your next game including the name of your opponent and court number.
  • to follow personal ranking in all competitions, number of points per round (PPR), and all other statistics.

Scan the QR code now and download the app to your phone or tablet!

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