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What is the purpose of the European Cornhole Association (EChA)?

Basic tasks of the national association of each country:

1. Encouraging the establishment of national associations.

The establishment of a national sports federation for Cornhole, as an umbrella organizational form, must be a priority task for every newly developing sport in an individual country. The National Sports Federation of each country must be established according to the national laws in force in the founding country (EChA can help with draft Statutes and Official Rules, which are available on the EChA website).

A national sports federation is an umbrella organizational form that represents an individual country and is the only one that can be included in an international sports organizational form, such as the International Olympic Committee. EChA acts as a legitimate organization in the framework of the world sports federation and its members participate in the world championships and later also in the Olympic Games.

The national sports federation helps to do the following in each respective country:

  • arrival of a two-man team to help with set-up and tear-down
  • computer management with all digital equipment
  • delivery of game boards, pitch pads, and score towers
  • overall management of the competition as needed,
  • helps in the development and promotion of the game, as a sport in general,
  • by adopting basic documents (statute and other acts), it determines the direction for the integration of the federation into all sports organizational forms at the national and international levels, which enable recognition and inclusion in professional sports programs,
  • adopts and standardizes the rules and regulations that enables uniformed conditions for playing,
  • adopts and organizes competitive systems for recreational and professional play,
  • develops professional personnel that enables proper development and management of the game,
  • encourages the creation of clubs, societies, and individuals for the broadening of the sport,
  • encourages play in institutional and other business establishments,
  • promotes the importance of sports and an active lifestyle,
  • promotes the development of motor skills (coordination of movement, precision, balance),
  • promotes social activity as a deterrent toward isolation, loneliness, and depression especially among seniors and youth,
  • promotes basic math skills encouraging an active mind, especially beneficial for seniors and youth,
  • promotes the development of functional abilities, such as endurance and concentration.

2. To organize competitions…

  • The National Sports Federation provides support for conducting competitions in its country,
  • accepts the program that determines the method of competition, the schedule and other conditions for the creation of league play and other special events,
  • adopts regulations for determining the system of selection of competitors who represent the country in European and World competitions,
  • takes care of the implementation of accepted competitions and supplements them according to the number of competitors, regions, time, and other conditions.



  • It is proposed that the European Championship takes place every year/or every two years, in which representatives of individual countries participate according to a certain classification method. It is played in various categories including singles, doubles, gender specific, mixed genders, and team competition.


  • Each EChA member annually organizes an open championship between individuals and doubles in its country, which is intended for all citizens of Europe


  • Each member organizes regional, provincial or other local competitions in their country. The aforementioned competitions are of an open type and serve to connect neighboring countries and promote the game.


  • A super league is established in which no more than two teams from each country compete. A team consists of 4 members, in which everyone competes in a singles game against individuals from the other team, and two doubles, where you compete against each pair from the other team (a total of 16 singles matches and 4 doubles matches).
  • The Super League is a competition of teams that are competitive and have the desire to compete professionally. Each team competes against another team (due to the geographical dimension, the Super League can be divided into two or more regions within Europe).

The finish is like a FINAL FOUR. 

3. Equipment rental for YOUR competition / events

EChA will provide all the help you need to organize your Open Championship. All necessary equipment will be standardized, high-quality with sufficient quantity.

All you need is to:

  • rent a place to play
  • decide on the system, date and length of the competition (in coordination with EChA)
  • organize a staff to help with the tournament set-up and tear-down
  • enable wife-internet connection
  • secure trophies, prizes, medals or other rewards
  • provide information on accommodation capacities
  • advertise through your communication channels
  • get prizes, trophies, medals.

What EChA offers you:

  • arrival of a two-man team to help with set-up and tear-down
  • computer management with all digital equipment
  • delivery of game boards, pitch pads, and score towers
  • overall management of the competition as needed.

4. Scoring

Scoring is done between individuals and in pairs.


The winner (singles and doubles) receives 1,000 points, 2nd place 800 points, 700, 600, 500, 400, 350, … points are awarded to the top 100 competitors. Each competitor can participate in a maximum of 5 open championships (to avoid the advantage of privileged individuals).


A lower number of points are available in these various “local” competitions. The number of points depends on the size of the competition, which depends on the proposal of each country and the confirmation of this proposal by the EChA. For example, the provincial competition competitor could earn 250 points for 1st place.

Scoring results would be provided in a permanent European ranking for all competitors.

SUPER LEAGUE – Scoring points in each individual match and managing totals in the overall standings. At the end of the league, a the European champion is crowned.

  • Expanding the game as a professional sport and recreational play:

The National Sports Federation takes care of:

  • presentation of the game as a sport of mutual connection of different generations, abilities, genders, and social status of players,
  • ensures the promotion of social skills among competitors (friendship, respect, fair play, help, insight, …)
  • ensures a healthy and positive attitude towards this sport and others, which is very important for the development of a new sports discipline like Cornhole!


Scoreholio is a computer application software for managing the game of Cornhole. It is free for basic use with subscription options for more professional use. It is available on the website. Registration as a player is completely FREE.

The Scoreholio application is used in all official competitions under the auspices of the European Cornhole Association (EChA).

Every competitor participating in competitions under the auspices of the EChA is encouraged to register their own player profile in advance (this can also be done at the competition venue). To register, simply install the SCOREHOLIO application from the Google Play store, which is free, and register in the application according to the instructions (see below).

Any further registration is then no longer necessary. Only a QR code is sufficient (every registered competitor in this application receives it automatically), which the player shows to the organizer upon registration - arrival at the competition.

The application enables the registered player:

  • to register with ease and clarity at any competition with their QR code,
  • to review the competition schedule and follow all games from the convenience of their own phone.
  • to receive notifications regarding your next game including the name of your opponent and court number.
  • to follow personal ranking in all competitions, number of points per round (PPR), and all other statistics.

Scan the QR code now and download the app to your phone or tablet!

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